Tuesday, September 22, 2009

chic and casual

Ayaw ko ng KorKor!!

Yun lang kasi yung type ng tela na nakita ko based on my initial design for our entourage. Printed chocolate brown and beige fabric. KorKor lang available... "kurtinahin".

Kaya we resorted to our second option which is, plain fabric. Ok lang naman kasi it is still chic and casual. And I like it. (Yup bebi, don't worry. Di na printed gowns ng ento natin and you have nothing to be afraid of na. ^_^)

We like the idea that our ento can still use the gowns after the wedding. It will also serve as our gifts to them. At ang saya ng feeling when I showed them the designs, super excited ako. They can't hardly wait! Maganda nga raw, very chic and casual.

Tita Nancy got their measurements last Monday. Hopefully second or third week ng October, go na ang first fitting namin.

Excited na kaming lahat. ^_^

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jaja said...

wow, so sosyal. ang ganda nito leng...sana kasama ako sa entourage...ahahaha...jowke