Thursday, September 17, 2009

sharing our blessings and happiness...

We are still baking the cupcakes as giveaways. But the main reason why we are not buying other goodies as giveaways is our "sponsored beneficiary", Kanlungan ni Maria.

"Most Filipino families take care of their elderly. Kanlungan ni Maria takes in the rest

EXACTLY one year after he arrived at the Kanlungan ni Maria, Lolo D got the news that one of his siblings had passed away three days previously. Another sibling died soon after, but the news also reached him belatedly. Abandoned in this shelter for the elderly, Lolo D is virtually cut off from the world and gets only sporadicnews about surviving friends and family.

Seeing old folk consigned to nursing homes is a reality that Fr. Uldarico “Dari” Dioquino has learned to accept, despite it being contrary to the much vaunted Filipino value of love and respect for the elderly."

I was asking Ate Marlet for suggestions on whom LA and I can extend our blessings. Kasi, gusto talaga namin na our wedding will not only be meaningful sa amin, friends and families. But especially to all those people na kelangan maging happy and feel na they are still important and loved. I gave her a list of possible "benefiaries" and she told me about Kanlungan. Sabi nya, "I wrote about them sa SIM. Read it and you'll know what I mean."

And yun nga, after I read about it. Di na ako nagdalawang isip. I called Kanlungan right away and inquired about their needs. When I told LA about it, nag try na agad kami mag hunt sa shopwise ng mga pwede namin ibigay sa kanila.

"Fortunately, Kanlungan gets help from volunteers from different private companies, caregiving schools and universities, and even ordinary individuals.The shelter has a regular staff of seven: one social worker, one cook, and five caregivers.The caregivers work almost round the clock, especially at night when they have to assist their wards in going to the bathroom.Father Dari says all of the staff have completed a caregiving course to help them better understand the needs of the old.There are also nurses who volunteer as part of their training.

The caregivers, who must take care not to get too attached to their wards lest they become affected when they pass away, must also contend with the quirks that accompany aging.“The old are quite sensitive,” says Fr.Dari.When they sense that you favor someone, they get jealous, he laughs.“When you give one a piece of chocolate, make sure everyone gets one as well, and of the same size.” - by Marlet Salazar, Sunday Inquirer Magazine, Dec. 14,08

Kaya yun budget namin na pambibili sana namin ng mga goodies as giveaways, and any other excess budget, we are planning to buy Ensure milk for our Lolos and Lolas at Kanlungan. Pillows, foods, vitamins and other things are most welcome too.

That's why we are extending to all our guests this "gift of chance to help our Lolos and Lolas". Sharing the blessings with them is the most special thanks we could ever give.

Kanlungan ni Maria is located at
Lanzones Road, Nayong Silangan, Antipolo City.
Tel. No. 650-8102, mobile 0915-6002631.


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