Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I inspired another couple, but please just ask

Last time when I was browsing the net, I saw a map that was exactly like the one I drew for our invitation. Found out they "used" our "map" as their own. They just "tweaked" some details and colors, and made it as their official "map". It was kinda unpleasant at first... well, discovering that someone you don't know and didn't asked for permission used you're personal property which happened to be my art piece and copyrighted mat. But as I thought about it, some uneasiness had faded, when I realized that I have inspired that couple and actually became a part of their wonderful day, well... in some way.

I wouldn't mind if only they asked for my permission. It is still my art. Just ask. Please.

So when this couple, who happened to be our friend by the way, told me they wanted to use our "chucks" as part of their invitation, did I said "no way"? No, why should I? For they asked me nicely.

Our "chucks" used by our friend as part of their wedding invitation

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